McCampbell Global is a business consultancy that does just one thing. We help American businesses identify and successfully pursue growth opportunities overseas.
Our People have lived, worked, struggled and achieved in every corner of the globe, extending American brands and American business know-how into growing new markets for the companies they represent.
Companies like Medtronic, Walmart, West, E-Bay, Best Buy, United Health Group, General Mills, 3M.  All of these fine companies have entered new foreign markets by choosing from a mere handful of proven market entry scenarios.  
So can yours.
From finding the right foreign distributor, to setting up an international sales operation, to making a foreign acquisition, our people have been there, done that.
They have worked in your industry.  They know how to find the global strategy, structure, timing, risk/return profile and cost level that’s right for your company today.
Working with McCampbell Global is simply the fastest, safest, most cost-effective way to get you, your people and your company started confidently down the road to global growth.
Let's get started!  
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